About Us
Raging Primates is a highly skilled, uber-great, super-duper…nah, we're none of that. 

We're a motivated group of gamers who love to have fun!

Our guild has played a wide variety of games over the past decade or so, resulting in a fun-loving, but tight-knit and highly-effective group of troublemakers. We tend to measure our success by the number of frustrated enemy combatants yelling at us, and the volume of laughter in our TeamSpeak channel while getting yelled at.

We started out playing the original MMOFPS Planetside and had many notable adventures along the way. Now, more than a decade later, we're back for more energy-based destruction in Planetside 2!  You can find us on the Connery server most days. 

We've done everything from large, platoon-level wars to small tactical units of mayhem. Currently, we specialize in a "tip of the spear" approach to warfare. We can typically be found behind enemy lines, destroying vehicles, disrupting support, and generally making a mess of whatever plans the enemy might have had.

Of course, Planetside 2 isn't the only game we play. The Raging Primates can routinely be found racking up impressive scores and making friends (and honored enemies) in many of the more interesting game titles currently available.

With over 50 active members from the USA, Canada, Australia, and the Philippines, Raging Primates encompasses players from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and sanity levels. We encourage creativity and shenanigans, but insist on following the lead Primate into battle.

If you think you'd fit-in with a bunch of crazy monkeys like us, click on the Apply to Guild link on the left side of the home page to find out!
Guild News

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