About Raging Primates

Raging Primates is a guild of motivated gamers that was founded in the popular, multi-player first person shooter game Planetside. Now, after a little more than a decade, our guild is bringing gamers together in one of the largest, massively multiplayer online role-playing games – ArcheAge. 

With over 50 active members from the USA, Canada, Australia, and the Philippines, Raging Primates encompasses players from a variety of classes and interests on the Haranyan continent.  This diversity and shared teamwork amongst its members allows the guild to engage bosses in challenging dungeons such as the Sea of Drowned Love, Lesser Sea of Drowned Love, Greater Howling Abyss, Kroloal Cradle, Serpentis, and Ayanad Library. In addition to playing in these dungeons, the guild also strives to hone its PVP skills in Arenas and on the open seas.

Crafting equipment or increasing our characters’ proficiency is a routine task, so our guild has invested in specialty workbenches that are accessible by members and allowing them more opportunities to grow develop. Our members also work together to earn gold and other valuable resources by trading on land and sea, and farming.  With experienced traders, the guild is always refining its tactics and helping new members discover new ways of earning gold.

Who We Want:

Continuing with our core values established almost a decade ago, Raging Primates is interested in accepting membership applications from ArcheAge gamers who are respectful, motivated, play well in a teamwork environment, and always seeking improvement. Members, leveled 54 and below, possessing a level of independence and sustainment is favorable, however, we do have a system for assisting new members advance in levels and acquire equipment to make them successful. Since the guild operates as team routinely, members are required to speak English and use TeamSpeak in order to communicate quickly and effectively during raids and other coordinated events. Additionally, members are expected to abide by our guild policies as they relate to alliances and agreements with other guilds. Lastly, we encourage new players to be interactive and social, and participate in guild meetings where important information is discussed.

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Guild News

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